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Keller Williams Live at Aragon Ballroom on 2004-08-12

Topics Live concert

01. Thin Mint
02. Best Feeling
03. Freeker By The Speaker
04. What I Got
05. Ensuing Freakiness
06. Novelty Song --> Celebrate Your Youth*
07. Candyman**
08. My Sisters and Brothers***

Collection KellerWilliams
Band/Artist Keller Williams
Venue Aragon Ballroom
Location Chicago, IL

Source AKG ck93 (XY@80°, ~8') > mk90/3+h98 > se300b (no XLR cable) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade P-Mod) > optical > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (@44.1)
Lineage Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 > FireWire > CDWav > FLAC
Taped by Paul Hofferkamp
Transferred by Paul Hofferkamp


* with Victor Wooten
** with Jeff Austin
*** with Flecktones

Yonder Mountain set:

Flecktones set:

Suggested method for burning entire show (as the show was without setbreaks):

Disc 1:
Keller T01

Disc 2:
Keller T02-T08
Flecktones D1 T01

Disc 3:
Flecktones D1 T02-T07

Disc 4:
Flecktones D2

Enjoy! I know I did!


Reviewer: markchevy - - February 10, 2010
Subject: Post Best Feeling loop
This show has a rockin post best feeling loop!
Reviewer: lyney - - April 19, 2005
Subject: first Jam band gig in America
Had a great night- just off the plane from Britain- lost and alone in a strange US city- and enjoyed myself immensely- came to see keller but enjoyed the other two bands too- great to see folk music is so alive and well in the US- great to hear it again here too- cheers!
Reviewer: Kay Dubz - - March 9, 2005
Subject: This was by far the BEST SHOW I've ever seen!!!
I was at this show, front row, and every second was jaw dropping. The fact that it never stopped for a set break! The only let down is that no one has the Bela Fleck and the Flecktones part of the show. The end, combines all 3 of the bands for 5 encores. So if anyone has it please post it. THANK YOU
Reviewer: prepschoolhippie - - September 22, 2004
Subject: good
the show was sick, doesn't have good sound quality though, song one is thin mint. check out the bele it was sick
Reviewer: VolpinoDAgostino - - September 15, 2004
Subject: Show = [speechless]
Yeah, so I can't really describe the show. It was definitely the best I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I believe the Aragon kind of sucks for taping shows, and the sound quality isn't that terrific.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Keller's first song is "Thin Mint." I could be wrong and stupid, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.
Reviewer: KevinMcS - - September 3, 2004
Subject: small setlist update
1. Instrumental
2. Best Feeling
3. Freeker by the Speaker
4. What I Got
5. Ensuing Freekiness
6. Novelty Song --> Celebrate Your Youth
7. Candyman
8. Jam --> My Sisters and Brothers --> Jam -->

Neat show...listening to it completely through.
Reviewer: GratefulGreg - - September 2, 2004
Subject: Aragon Bad For Tapes
All the recordings that I have heard from the Aragon Ballroom weren't very good. I didn't think the show sounded very good when i was there, the performance was another story. This was probably the best Keller show I have ever seen and the fact that Yonder tore it up before hand and Bela Fleck will tear it up later without stopping makes this the best show i think i have ever seen.
Reviewer: dirty tom - - August 22, 2004
Subject: Good show, but...
This was an amazing show, but the sound quality on this trio of recordings is pretty bad. All of my other live recordings of these guys are much better, even the ones from the '80s. Does anyone have a better quality recording?
Reviewer: PrkrLewis - - August 20, 2004
Subject: Will call line hell!
I was at this show too! It was tight. I got in just in time for Keller to start. Missed all of YMSB because I thought the will call line was the line to get in, so I hit up the Green Mill. Found out it wasn't that line and got in. Just for reference track 4 is Sublime - What I Got. Kdubz, I believe the Bela part was just uploaded too. Thanks again, my friends who missed all of Keller waiting in that will call line for over an hour will enjoy the rest of the concert!
Keller Williams
by Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
by Keller Williams
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Keller Williams
by Keller Williams
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Source: AKG ck93 (XY@80°, ~8') > mk90/3+h98 > se300b (no XLR cable) > Edirol UA-5 (Oade P-Mod) > optical > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (@44.1)
Keller Williams
by Keller Williams
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Addison Groove Project
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Tea Leaf Green
by Tea Leaf Green
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gruven42 Favorites
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by Ragbirds
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